Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dekumo München 2010

I was really excited when I saw the posters for 'Dekumo' a fair of Design, Kunst and Mode taking place in both Stuttgart and Munich. As much as I like the Auer Dult and craft fairs of it's ilk, I get a little (actually, a LOT) tired of all the yodel-lay-hee-hoo stuff on offer here in Bayern.

Unfortunately the fair was kind of a bust. I bumped into one of the sellers who I've met through Etsy and she said it was appallingly slow for a fair of that size. To be fair, she said it is only it's second year running (it's been going for seven in Stuttgart) and these things take time to get a following. The location in the Tönhalle out at Kunstpark Ost wasn't super helpful either, in my opinion.

Allerdings, I did discover some great local talent and an interesting couple of new magazines. I'll write about these more in detail later, or put together some kind of design guide, but for now some links:

Glücksachen: Cute paper goods (Stuttgart)
drauf&dran: Neat-o fabric, felt and gummi based jewelry (Stuttgart)
Johanna Hitzler: Lovely porcelain dishware and gift items (Blankenhain)
Maike Gericke: Interesting jewelry made out of old watches (Reutlingen)

You'll notice none of these sellers are based in Munich! There was a lot I would have been happy to buy, but I couldn't really justify buying myself a bunch of stuff right before Christmas....

Friday, November 05, 2010

CUT Magazine Sause at Trachtenvogl

Last night my husband and I went to Trachtenvogl to check out the Sause (party) that Cut Magazine was hosting there (complete with password: 'Liesl'). I always that 'Liesl' was just a name, but apparently it is also a type of knitting device (I couldn't find a translation in leo!) that I came to know intimately in the course of our evening. Basically, you feed a bit of y through the hole of a long wooden spool and then use a sort of miniature knitting needle to loop the remaining strand of yarn through teeny loops. It's tedious. Later we got one of the Liesl 2.0 machines where you just use a hand crank and feed the yarn through to produce a lovely knitted tube.

At first I was frustrated trying to stand, use an old-school Liesl and attend to my glass of wine all at the same time, but once we got into it we had a pretty good time, and I now have a nice knitted-tube-necklace thingy, which is a testament to my husband and my bar-knitting teamwork. It was also good to hit Trachtenvogl, I hadn't been there in awhile. It was a clever idea to host a CUT party. I can imagine Thursday nights are slow - we passed Lizard Lounge on the way back home it was totally dead, at Trachtenvogl there was standing room only.

Finally, it reminded me what an antidote doing something with your hands is to digital overload. I had spent all afternoon getting used to Tweetdeck and was completely wired (in a bad way) when we left the house. Getting my hands and eyes and brain to work together was really soothing. It even inspired me to off the old knitting needles and finish that blanket I stopped working on about five years ago.