Thursday, April 28, 2011

Handmade in Munich

I recently got a convo in my Etsy box from a guy looking for stores in Munich that sell handmade, specifically Etsy handmade products. Here is how I answered him:

Hello, Well you aren't bothering me at all, and as a matter of fact I do know of some shops in Munich that sell handmade goods, here a few that come to mind:

The Kreative in München Group
While this is not a shop per se, it is a group of very talented (mostly) Etsy sellers that put on craft fairs (often sponsored by Etsy) around the city relatively often. You can click on their website above or join
their Facebook page to keep up to date with their latest sales.

Hands Gallery
This shop is run by a member of the Etsy Germany Team and just recently opened in Haidhausen and sells products from a variety of talented local makers.

Vier Werkstatten - listing (in German)
This is a wonderful store on Frauenhoferstr. While not every single item in the store is handmade, most of the work is from talented local artisans including a paper lamp designer and ceramicist. There are also lots of handmade clothing items.

1260 Grad
This is a gorgeous pottery studio, also in Haidhausen. It is run by Petra Fischer, a very talented ceramicist. Most days she is in the store herself, and it's nice to go in and just admire the artful way she displays all her items.
I wrote a little post about the store on my blog Wahlmüncherin (with pictures) I'm sure there are many more and I am slowly discovering new ones, but I hope this is enough to get you started!

Cheers, Eleanor

Image from Kreative in München

Friday, April 22, 2011

Steak Round-Up: Barista

My husband serves as the CTO, COO and HR Manager for my other, primary, endeavor e.m.papers. He is paid in steaks for this demanding role. That's right, steaks. Every time the enterprise hits another 1,000 in revenue, he is treated for a steak dinner. I love a good steak too, so it's a mutually beneficial arrangement.

It occurred to me that I could hit two birds with one char-broiled stone, and try out all the restaurants in town which feature quality steaks on the menu. To figure out where these places are I put the question to Facebook. Barista, in the Funf Höfe was a favorite of locals.

I'd seen the place, right behind Muji, and didn't give it much thought. It seems like your basic Munich schnösel hang out spot to have a Prosecco Aperol, and preen, see and be seen. I think it is that, but they also serve steaks. Really good steaks.

There isn't too much else on the menu and it's more of a bar than a restaurant. But we both ordered the South American Black Angus Filet (€27.50). I have never had such a tender steak! My husband explained it has a lot to do with aging. You could cut it with a butter knife. It was served in a red-wine based sauce, with a vegetable medley that was also surprisingly good; tender and buttery.

I wouldn't give the place high marks for atmosphere, although it has a Schumann-y classic cocktail bar feel, there is a big flat screen TV over the bar. As soon as I see a TV in a restaurant or bar it immediately get's knocked down to second-rate status. But if you're having a carnivorous attack, by all means go.

P.S. Sorry for the lousy pics, it was dark and I'm skittish about taking pictures in public places with everyone being all paranoid about the internets and all.

Kardinal- Faulhaber- Strasse 11
80333 München
Telefon: +49 89 20 80 21 80
Google Place Page