Thursday, September 29, 2011

BREAKING NEWS! Wertstoffmobile Starts This Week!


I know that it is Wiesn, and that I should probably be writing about that. But there will be another one next year. The thing I want to talk about today is one of the most exciting events to happen in Munich in years, YEARS! If you ask me.

Last night, when going through my snail mail backlog, I opened an envelope from the city and was greeted with this treat of a brochure. The Wertstoffmobile is comin' to town! Testlauf starts about now! For anyone who has cleaned out their kellerabteil, and collected a pile of stuff like old dustbusters, radios or hard disks and not felt good about throwing it in the trash, but felt equally bad about keeping a pile of junk around, you know how exciting this is.

You no longer have to make that bi-annual trip to the Wertstoffhof out in the middle of nowhere (well, actually you still do for the bigger stuff.) Now the Wertstoffmobile is coming to a neighborhood near you! I have set the date on my calendar for when it comes to us (19 Oktober, if anyone cares) It will be right by Cafe Hüller and I plan to have a celebratory brunch after I offload our junk.

Anyone care to join me?...perhaps I'll give it a name...'Dump und Brunch'....'Dumpen und Brunchen'...'Dumpen und Brunchen in Munchen'....

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Monocle Magazine's Most Liveable City, Again.

Munich is Moncole Magazine's Most Liveable City of 2010
I came across this short film about Munich while looking for a link for the Guide that I'm working on for Design Sponge. I knew that in 2007 Monocle Magazine had named Munich it's most liveable city, but I didn't know we won again in 2010.

I just spent the weekend in Berlin for the totally incredible Hello Etsy! conference. Yes Berlin is an entire order of magnitude cooler than Munich, yes there is tons more sub-culture up there and yes Berlin is just where it's at.

But! Once again, I was really happy to come back to Munich, which feels like a lush garden of Eden in comparison to the in your face grittiness of Berlin. Watching this film gave me a little boost and reminded me why I'm so happy to live here.

There were also some interesting facts in it that I didn't realize. For example, Munich was more or less a sleepy agricultural town until the 60s (that helps explain it's reputation.) Eight to ten years ago, the city's leaders realized that Munich not having any sub-culture was a problem - 'All of zee kool keeds, zey are moving to Berleen!' - and took steps to address the balance in order to lure and maintain some of the creative class here, like lowering rents (uh, really?)

Anyway, it's a Euro-cool, snazzy, jazzy little 7 minute film that's fun to watch.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ethnic Dirndls

Ethnic Dirndls

It's that time of year again! Well, almost. The 2011 Oktoberfest kicks off on Saturday and I've been noticing storefront windows all over town full of Dirndls.

Over the last few years I've noticed some new trends, notably Ethnic Dirndls made out of Saris. I A newsletter email landed in my inbox yesterday highlighting a local designer that makes Dirndls out of African fabrics. One thing I never thought I'd see: cowrie shells on a Dirndl!

The items below from left to right are from:

Hubercraft Dirndl Shop - She has some really stunning items. I've always admired her Dirndls made out of kitschy retro fabric, but the Sari stuff is really high class. If I ever have the kind of money to lay out thousands of Euros per year on Wiesn gear, Hubercraft is going to be on my list of places to go.

Anina W - Ornate Dirndls for those who don't shy away from ostentation! She has some nice Sari items as well as slightly more modern takes on the traditional Dirndl (pink gingham, etc.)

Noh-Nee - See her collection of Dirndl A L'Africaine. She also has Fatboy type bean chairs in African fabrics. I did a little snooping around the site and discovered that the store is run by two sisters Marie Darouiche and Rahmee Wetterich who are originally from Cameroon. Looks like they're doing well, there are a ton of press clips from magazines like Freundin, Burda Style and Elle!

[UPDATE:] I just went to run some errands, and what did I see in the front window of Slips? A Noh Nee Dirndl, a few blocks down on Reichenbachstrasse at Menu 12, another one! looks like Marie and Rahmee are doing quite well in their marketing efforts!

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Isarinsel Fest

Footbridge with Bunting 2

On my way to the market last Saturday I noticed they were getting the Isarinsel Fest all set up. The festivities were part of the celebration that the Isar 're-naturalization' has been completed.

Like I said, they were just getting set up, so there was nothin' doin'. I took a few snaps though which you can see in this Flickr set. They couldn't have asked for better weather.