Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lust auf Wohnen Book Signing

I got a signed copy!

Sometimes I have to force myself to get out. I did so last Wednesday night and I'm glad I did. Despite the rain, I made it over to Ramersdorf (which is just east of Haidhausen) to Nostalgie im Kinderzimmer for Holly Becker's Munich book signing for her book Decorate.

Not only was it really nice to meet Holly (in case you live under a rock, she is the woman behind Decor8 and Hausmaus). She was personable and friendly and we chatted about being an expat in Germany and her upcoming book launch in Berlin. She also introduced me to Igor, a Münchner and the blogger behind Happy Interior Blog. I'm always glad to meet fellow bloggers and creative people in Munich (in fact you'll see a few new ones listed on the sidebar now!), and not only that, Igor already gave me a shout in his blog! Sehr nett.

Tasty homemade sodas

Some of the fun items for sale at Nostalgie im Kinderzimmer.

Lastly, I bumped into a fellow Etsisan at the signing. We had been corresponding on email all week, and neither of us thought to mention the book signing, so it was pretty amusing to bump into each other there. That's happened a lot lately: I keep meaning to set up coffee dates with people and we end up meeting when we are already out. Another reason to get aus der haus.

I've been poring over the lush spreads of Decorate or Lust auf Wohnen as it's called auf Deutsch. It's a gorgeous book and I highly recommend it. To my great delight, there are is a giant index of stockists towards the back of the book. Some I know well and some are new. Here's a look at some of the places I've now got on my list to check out and report back here about:

Manufaktur 78 - Tiling
Lichtgalerie - Home Furnishings
La Murinna Deutschland - Lighting
Casa Moebel - Home Furnishings
Designfunktion - Home Furnishings
Lagom White - Home Furnishings
Nostalgie im Kinderzimmer - Curios and Home Objects
TK33 - Home Furnishings

That ought to keep me busy for a while!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Munich Business Ideas: Home Pick-up Laundry Service


Since I've lived here, I've had about a skajillion ideas for businesses that I think would flourish in Munich. Why not catalog those ideas here so some enterprising Münchner can take some of these passing thoughts and run with them. Leute, I give you a new series here at Wahlmuc: Munich Business Ideas!

The inaugural idea is for a home pick-up laundry service. Years ago when I moved here, I found getting my laundry done to be a huge ordeal (I didn't have a washing machine at the time). I longed for a San Francisco style laundromat like Brainwash. I noticed awhile ago that there is a Wash & Coffee nearby on Klenzestrasse, about 10 years too late for my needs; late than never I suppose, but I do have to say: just one?!

I've moved up in the world, and now have my own washing machine, but that has yielded a new problem. Washing in summer is fine when you can hang all of your stuff out on the balcony or set it out on a terrace, but now that winter is coming all of the wash has to dry inside. Sometimes I just can't stand it anymore, I hate having our apartment feel like an early 20th century Brooklyn-style tenement with the wash hanging around all the time! What to do?

I want a Biokisten-style laundry service, that comes to my doorstep, picks up all of our stuff and brings it back washed, dried and folded. To be fair, I have Googled and found two. I'm a little skeptical because this one has a website that does not instill confidence and this one looks okay, but I would like a little more...I don't know, sophisticated branding. I guess I'm being a bit of a website snob.

Stay tuned, maybe this idea will be struck off the list!...but I've got plenty more!

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Kunst in Sendling 2011


I was lucky to have an announcement land in my inbox last week from Benjy Barnhart about Kunst in Sendling. I had no idea this was going on, and Sendling has been coming up in conversation a lot, so I jumped on a Call-A-Bike and pedaled on down last Sunday.

I like art and all, but a larger motivation for me to check out these open atelier events is that it allows me a legitimate way to indulge my inner lookie loo. There are so many interesting nooks, crannies and spaces in the city that one usually doesn't have access to except for at happenings like these.


This wall is actually the remnants of a large baking oven that serviced the top of the building which used to be an Italian restaurant.


This was a breathtaking attic space that the artist used to house his work and installations. You had to go up 5 flights of stairs and I almost turned back half way - I'm glad I didn't! Who knew these kinds of spaces existed in the city!

There is also a lot of buzz that Sendling is going to be the next Glockenbachviertel (what neighborhood isn't going to!) So I wanted to walk around and get a feel for the vibe. It is charming and sweet, and I'll definitely have to put it on the list for a neighborhood guide.


Some of the work that left the biggest impression on me were Armin Prey's provocative paintings, Fred Krueger's jarring portraiture (see below) which mixed an otherworldly space age sensibility with renaissance styles and compositions (I can't believe these people don't have websites!)


Margit Memminger's organic abstract paintings, I also absoutely loved Wilfried Petzi's photographs of musicians and DJs.

So glad I went!

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Alles Gute Zum Geburtstag, Wahlmünchnerin!

Birthday Cake

Yes, today is Wahlmünchnerin's first birthday. It was exactly one year ago when I published this post. My goals for this first year have been modest: get it launched and post once a week. For the most part I've been pretty consistent and feel pretty good about how the site has grown.

I recently submitted a Munich City Guide for Design*Sponge, so bitte daumen drucken that it goes live and brings some traffic and link love our way. I want to keep this project 'low pressure' for the next year or so, but I do have some ideas for the future. Stay tuned for neighborhood guides, guest posts, walking tours and more.

Thanks for reading!

Photo by Will Clayton