Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Munich Business Idea: Why No Soho House or Betahaus Hier?

Soho House Berlin
I pretty much know the answer to my own question. All the big VC money, start-ups, creatives and boot strappers are in Berlin. Rent is too expensive in Munich. Munich is for big industry. Ja, ja, ja.

Still. I know plenty of freelancers and creative start-ups that have NO place to meet. I was talking to a journalist friend a week ago, and she was saying how it is embarrassing to ask people to meet at Starbucks and half the time they meet at her house; she's not sure if that's any better. I was at an industry meeting a couple of weeks ago where a presenter was struggling against the acoustics of a downtown Wirtshaus - even though we had our own room. I am and have been a member of various and sundry groups that are always ALWAYS trying to find a decent place to meet for semi-private events.

Betahaus Berlin

We are not exactly out in the sticks, the cuts, podunkville, JVD down here. There are plenty of posh-loving Schnösels that would break their necks to join a SoHo house kind of place and enough freelancers that feed Munich agencies and Publishing (Service Plan, Burda and IDEO are just a few that I can think of off the top of my head) which could easily fill the desks at a Betahaus.

Come on. Investors, are you listening?

Images from Soho House Berlin and Betauhaus


Missus D said...

preach it, sista!

stephanie levy said...

OMG Eleanor! You are completely reading my mind!! This is all I have been thinking about since our last trip to Berlin!! xoxo

Ute said...

take a look on

Ute said...

take a look:

Alex said...

I heard IDEO is moving into good old Kellerstrasse ;-)

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