Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Rausfrauen. They're Machen München Wohnlich.


So I was right. I suspected that the knitters that did this Yarn Bomb were mädels. I was right! You'll note in the comments of that post, I was mysteriously directed to this site:

There, much to my delight, I saw more images of yarn bombs, penis shaped Oktoberfest Lebkuchen and an Ubahn seat which had been adorned with Oma-style curtains.

I don't know who the Rausfrauen are, but I like their style! Read their manifesto here.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Munich's Got Talent - Creative Nite at Art Babel


For those of you familiar with Nerd Nite here in Munich, you'll be happy to know that Patrick Gruban and team, the event's founders in MUC, have launched Creative Nite, a 'sister' event highlighting local creative's and their respective projects/crafts/businesses.

Here's how it works: Five local artists/creatives get 8 minutes to talk about their work or a specific projects, with a 15 minute break in the middle. A simple yet brilliant format.

I was flattered and surprised to be asked to participate in the inaugural 'Nite' last Thursday at Art Babel. Here's a rundown, in order of appearance.

Daniéle Brown, Schmuckdesignerin - talked about the inspiration she finds both in nature and in the city, the intricacies of her craft and the joys and specific pleasures of wearing something handmade by a true artisan,as opposed to something mass produced.


Mario Klingemann, Computational Artisan - I recognized Mario from a Fab Lab meeting earlier this year. He presented the art he creates with code he develops which spawned a fun and lively Q & A after. wards I had a 'No Way!' moment when he shared an Occupy Wall Street Poster he created, which I had recently seen - and greatly admired - on Pinterest. Here I was a couple of days later only to find that a fellow Münchner had created it!

Moi, talking about e.m.papers - I used my 8 minutes to talk about e.m.papers - auf Deutsch! (special props to Lisa! for the last minute coaching) basically telling the story of e.m.papers from it's earliest incarnation to it's present day form.


Katja Bathon, Set Designer - Gave an interesting behind the scenes (har har) talk about what it's like to work on a set and the kind of creative problem solving involved. Impressive use of wooden pallets!


Tobias Förtsch, Produktdesigner - Took the ca. 150 person crowd through the process that he and his colleagues at Casitoo went through to develop their totally cool line of bags made out of old Leitz folders.


The evening was inspiring. I'm so glad these guys have started this and I plan to definitely attend future ones. The next one is February 8th, 2012. The Creative Nite München site is here, Facebook group here.

More images from the nite here.
Listen to a Radiosendung about the event here.

Kicking Up a Fuss - Wahlmünchnerin in

I guess that last post on co-working touched a nerve. Somehow a journalist from got wind of it and contacted me for an interview. Next thing I know, yours truly, e.m.papers and Wahlmünchnerin are mentioned and/or quoted in this article in the Süddeutsche Zeitung's

Not only that, I received a few emails from local coworking spaces. Some I had heard of, but none made an impression of being the kind of place that I feel is lacking in Munich. Others I hadn't heard of. Here they are, along with my thoughts about each one.

Friendsfactory - Pros: Lots of locations within the mvv Zone 1 (this is a must). Cons: Very office-y. One look at the website (someone wearing a tie is on the home page) tells you all you need to know. I understand this is fine for many small businesses - to whom it likes they are catering - but Betahaus it is not.

Spacebox Munich Workspace - Pros: It looks like there are efforts made to facilitate a kind of start-up 'gründer' culture, large enough for bigger events. Cons: It's in Kirchheim, way outside the center of town, this is just an instant deal breaker. Despite concrete floors and less traditional office furnishings, from the images it still gives off an office park vibe. Still, if it were in town I would consider it.

Combinat 56 - This is a little closer to what I had in mind, and I will probably check it out. Having said that, If I'm honest, I don't think I will use it, just because it is at the other end of town, again I think the MVV Zone 1 is kind of a must.

So while there does seem to be some movement in this area, I still would like to see both a Betahaus and a Soho House (downtown please!) in Munich.