Thursday, February 16, 2012

Banyan Vietnamese Restaurant

Banyan Restuarant in Munich
I hadn't been back in Munich a week when some friends invited me to a belated birthday dinner at Banyan (formerly known as Ha-Long Restaurant) right off of Goetheplatz. I feel like the whole Vietnamese restaurant thing is a bit saturated, and a lot of it seems to be the same 'ol same 'ol.

Banyan, however, was really good. And it better be, it's not cheap (but it's not exorbitantly expensive either) and if the food didn't match up to the hoity-toity interior and the rather schnös­lig clientele It would have been an obnoxious run of the mill München type place. But the food! I had never heard of the recommended appetizer I had (good sign, No more summer rolls, please!) which was a sort of warm fish jelly (sound gross, tasted good). As a main dish I ordered the whole Dorade which was perfectly cooked and served with a light garlic sauce that just brought me to tears. An icy bottle of Sancerre washed down everything splendidly.

If you are looking for great Asian food and a nice/fancy place for dinner one night, check it out.

BANYAN Restaurant
Goethestr. 68
80336 München
Tel. 089 530 93 21

Image from Banyan Website

Ask and Ye Shall Recieve - Kreativen Raum Schaffen


After unwittingly kicking up a micro fuss with this post about there not being enough places for creative people to work and meet in Munich, it was an especially good thing that I participated in Kreativ-Wirtschaften: Netzwerker-Treffen Bayern during Munich Creative Business Week.

The last panel was a discussion focusing on how to encourage and cultivate a creative culture in Munich. One panelist (the owner of Feierwerk, I think) put it perfectly: 'Raüme, Raüme, Raüme' spaces, spaces, spaces. Freakin' stimmt, man.

original photo from

By the end of the talk I learned that Jutier and Tonnenhalle at Leonradplatz (above) is up for grabs (kind of). Over 200,000 square meters of the old structures are going to be used for not only 900 apartments BUT also for some sort of creative space. What kind? well that's to be determined, and determined by der Bevölkerung und mit Hilfe des Kunst- und Kreativpotentials dieser Stadt; the people with help from the artistic and creative potential of the city. If that describes you, attend the public hearing which takes place on Mittwoch, February 29th at 18:00.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

München Gets Crafty


Craft Nights abound! If you are hankering to do something handmade, there are lots of new options up around town to get out and get crafty with others.

Etsy Handmade Nights - Thanks to Etsy Germany, Munikum and HEi, regular craft nights have been taking place monthly, pretty regularly since summer of 2011. For a schedule of upcoming events visit the Munikum site, better get on their mailing list. This is a fun, and international (French, American, German, Singaporean, etc.) crowd that is sponsored by Etsy but organized by a woman named Charlotte Bason. Crafts include things like: knit nights, washi tape paper projects, embroidery, wire jewelry and stamp making. Supplies are usually provided, but it's always a good idea to bring any related projects or equipment if you've got it. The next craft night will be doing Sticken (embroidery) on Thursday, February 23 (usually starts around 18:30 or 19:00 check the Munikum site to be sure.)



Knit Nite Unplugged - 'Just Beer and Knitting. Unplugged.' This is a new event hosted at Art Babel. Come on down, bring your needles and some yarn. It's a chance to start a new project, work on an old one and meet some new (or old) friends in the process. Get more info, get on the mailing list or confirm at the Facebook event here. Then first meeting is Tuesday, February 28 at 19:30.


TT Stitch and Bitch - Okay, this option is not so new, and to be honest it may no longer even exist. For those that hang out at TT (you know who you are) this thread mentions Sunday Night Stitch and Bitches that take place at cafes around town. Perhaps worth some follow up .

First two images by Photo by Celine Theret

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Munich Creative Business Week


I didn't know about it, but somehow ended up smack dab in the middle of it. Yesterday I gave my Steal This Process Project Management for Indie Business workshop at the Kreativ-Wirtschaften: Netzwerker-Treffen Bayern. I didn't realize that the event was part of a larger week-long series of events highlighting creative business in Munich; Munich Creative Business Week or MCBW as the website is calling it. I got back a few weeks ago from a month in California and it's taking me awhile to get back into the swing of things

There are actually at lot of interesting things going on around town. I'm thinking about going on the TypeWalk on Sunday. I'll write more about what I did and learned yesterday in upcoming posts. In the meantime, it's worth downloading the schedule, there are exhibitions, podium discussions (Stefan Sagmeister and Ingo Mauer are on the roster) events and designated 'Creative Spots' all going on through Sunday.