Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Why I Love This Town

Last Saturday morning, I ran out of the house to quickly grab some potting soil at the Dehner and grab a few groceries at the Viktualienmarkt. Here is what I saw on my twenty minute excursion.

Some of the breweries must of had some kind of a hee haw at Viktualienmarkt. I caught the tail end of it, and got to witness this magnificence:

Pedaling back towards home down Reichenbachstrasse, Münchners were showing their love for Schweini:

And this. I will never figure out how people get their pets into bike baskets, but I love it every time I see it:

 To come across so much unexpected beauty, fun and everyday charm on a quick run to the market! One more reason to love living here.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cafe Flair

Cafe Flair in Haidhausen, Munich, Germany

Expect to hear a lot about Haidhausen in upcoming posts. I recently decided to get out of the house and found a gemeinschaftsbüro (shared working space) on Pariserstrasse between Pariserplatz and Wörthstrasse.

My old day job was in Haidhausen, so the neighborhood is not new to me, but I usually haunted the portion west of Weißenburgerplatz, so hanging out around Pariserplatz during the day is a bit on the new side.

So far, my main observation is: boy is it lively! Although, I guess what can I expect when I've been working from home for the last several years?

Today, I ventured outside of the office looking for sustenance. My decision was made when I spotted two small but inviting tables sitting outside of Cafe Flair.  I ordered a salad and apfelschorle (original, I know). I liked that the apple schorle was served in glass goblet, and that my salad was reasonably priced and did the trick.

While I was eating, a parade of kids, moms pushing strollers, dogs and pedestrians passed by. A kindly gentleman wished me a 'Guten Apetit' as he strolled along.

After eavesdropping on the owner chatting with the other customers, I realized his specialties are drinks: hausgemachte teas and smoothies.  The customer who had ordered a cranberry iced tea could not stop oohing and ahhing. I'll have to order that next time.

Cafe Flair
Sedanstr. 39

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Night at The Ballet (and My Almost Homer Simpson Moment)

I finally, finally went to the National Theater (you know, the Bayerische Staatsoper, across from the Spaten between Odeonsplatz and Marienplatz).

There is so much high-falutin' culture that I never take advantage of and it was high time. I badgered a good friend of mine and enjoyer of the arts to get me a ticket to anything and take me along.

It turns out that I am a big roob. Huge schock. We saw a ballet that consisted of two pieces The
Goldberg-Variationen  followed by Gods and Dogs. I did. not. get. the Goldberg-Variationen, it seemed like a bunch of silly hopping around. There were no outrageous costumes, moving sets or black swans careening to their deaths via glass-shard stab wound. Just simple piano music, no set, and what looked like dancers warming up. If I were less self-controlled I could have easily hollered out, Homer-Simpson style 'Boooring!' Fortunately my breeding is better than that.

The second 'number' was Gods and Dogs, choreographed by a Dutchman and very modern, or post-modern, but in any case very, very good. Clearly, I'm no connoisseur of the bal-lay or even an amateur with a basic knowledge of it. I GOT Gods and Dogs, though. It was powerful and gripping.

My fancy-pants culturally sophisticated friend explained to me that the Goldberg Variation was choreographed in 1971 and was very radical for the time, which helped a bit. But even she conceded that it was kind of tedious.

What was not tedious or boring was the inside of the theater. I hope you enjoy my harried Instamatic snaps of it. It's worth going just to see the inside. It made me want to wear an 18th century gown, arm-length white gloves and peek through opera-style binoculars (you can actually rent those for a few Euros, sans long holding stick). Alternatively I could imagine being one of the two grouchy magpie old-man muppets in one of the theater booths.

Perhaps I'll go again if the Nutcracker Suite is on or something similarly pedestrian that a pleb like me can enjoy. Or maybe I'll go when this lady's singin' somethin.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Radlnacht München 2012

Despite the occasional stau, perfect weather and a good stimmung (mood) made the Radlnacht a lot of fun.The best thing? No sign-up or Anmeldung, just showing up the right time and heading out.

Waiting for the start (to the sound of a live Brazilian-style drummers.)

A few of our friends declined to join because they were worried it was going to be wild, dangerous chaos. This is about as disorderly as it got (Come on, man - how rowdy can a bunch of Germans on bicycles get?)

Riding through the Altstadt ring tunnel...whee!


I thought the logo for 'Radlstadt München' was pretty clever, See, the bike frame is an 'M' for 'Münich' get it... heh.

Some of the local color. There was also a guy rolling along and playing an accordion, sadly we didn't manage to get a picture. One more reason to go again next year.

Comin' around the bend at Hackerbrücke.