Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Munich Stands In Solidarity With Pussy Riot

This is right on the Isar by the Müller'sches Volksbad, on the path that I jog each morning. The image was so stunning I had to stop and take a look (and a picture). I'm always happy to see stuff like this around town that belies München's perfect 'yodel-lay-hee-hoo' image.

I'd love to pretend I am totally in the know, but I had to go home and Google whether or not this was indeed one of the Pussy Riot women (it is) the 'No Pasaran' t-shirt is what confirmed it.

Look for it next time your down by the river, I imagine it won't be there for too long...

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I recently enjoyed a Mädelsabend at a popular Haidhausen haunt; Nomiya. Here's how I described it in my Design*Sponge Munich City Guide:

"The unofficial “main drag” of Haidhausen is Wörthstrasse, which houses several restaurants and shops and on warmer evenings, hosts a nice street buzz. Some of these worth visiting include NoMiya, which offers tasty Japanese food in a decidedly Bavarian setting"

Indeed, returning to Nomiya after a long hiatus reminded me that the setting is the main attraction. I was asked by some new friends during my first months living in Munich if I wanted to go to a 'bavarian sushi restaurant'. I was expecting bratwurst maki. Nomiya is largely Bavarian in decor alone, well sort of bavarian-hipster with a bit of summer-in-a-European-city flair. The front floor-to ceiling windows open to the street bringing the buzz of pedestrians, outdoor diners and bicyclers into the restaurant.

In all honesty, the food is fine; not terrible, but not wonderful either. The reason to go to Nomiya is for the atmosphere, which doesn't disappoint.

Wörthstraße 7
81667 München
089 / 4 48 40 95