Wednesday, October 17, 2012

When The Party's Over: Oktoberfest Ghost Town

Yesterday was sunny and beautiful. I hopped on my Rad and headed to Papier Stein and met a friend for lunch. On my way back home I decided to cut through the Theresienwiese, known as the Oktoberfest fairgrounds to the rest of the world.

Without even thinking about it, once I got there I realized 'Of course! They're packing the whole thing ein! dismantling tents, loading roller coasters on to trucks and rolling away concession stands.

It was eerie riding through. An Oktoberfest ghost town. Hard to believe it was the scene of so much boisterous revelry just a couple of weeks ago.

I somehow didn't manage to write much about the Wiesn this year. I'll have to remedy that next year. Alas, my Dirndl has gone back in her box that sits at the top of my closet and patiently awaits September 2013.

Until next year, Prosit!

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