Saturday, November 03, 2012

SOFA Magazine - A Munich-Based Project About Couch Surfing

This landed in my inbox from Rachel Simplson, one of the talented people behind the SOFA Magazine project. It's a pretty cool idea, and something I would definitely subscribe to. Check out their Kickstarter video above, and contribute...they only have a few days left!


Mischna Ong said...

This looks like something I might be interested in. I mean, there's nothing like knowing everything about couch surfing in the comfort of your home while lounging in your, well, couch.


albina N muro said...

It's all eye candy but here's a few choice (free) surf related images with which to paper your wall. It took me ages to print them all out and stick them up. Now I can't see where the door is and I'm trapped in my room. Nice view though. surfing holidays