Friday, June 28, 2013

Foodie Freitag: Burger House or OMFG You Have To Eat Here

I can die happy now. I've found a great burger in Munich. I'm astounded it took this long, since it's pretty close to where I live. In fact, I only found it by reading this post on fffood (thank god for blogs!). It's The Burger House.

Anyway, mein Mann and I walked up there several rainy Saturdays back and managed to get a space (it is ALWAYS packed, make a reservation!) The service was excellent; super friendly, yet laid back.

The menu wording and selection suggested an American influence to me (what German knows what a 'Vato' is, especially in reference to guacamole?) It turns out the owners got their burger Ausbildung by working in New York. Indeed.

Everything was just fucking delicious. Sorry, there's no other way to say it. The meat was excellent and perfectly seasoned. The (homemade!) buns were just the right size with the correct amount of resistance so as to not overpower the patty.

To add to the ecstasy, they have onion rings! real onion rings and (good!) guacamole. Run don't walk to Burger House the next time you're jonsing for a real American-style hamburger.

P.S. Good news: The word has gotten out and they're building a second one near Max Weber Platz

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Summer Night Stroll Through Haidhausen

Last Freitag, right before the 'Super Moon' (which was totally rained out the next day, boo!) I met a girlfriend for dinner in Haidhausen. The night was warm, not quite balmy but still summery. Since we stuffed ourselves full of pizza and prosecco, we opted to skip the tiramisu course and take a stroll the neighborhood.

The pic above was the view I had from seat at the pizza place where we ate. I kept expecting an elegant woman in an envening gown to stroll out onto that balcony and survey the city. How I'd like to get a blick of the view from up there.

 Something big was going on at Paros, complete with a stretch Limo parked in front.

 I liked how eerie the Haidhausen Museum looked lit by this old-timey street lamp.

 No gelato for you, fatty!

That glowing orb is not a street lamp, it's the moon. This Instagram photo just doesn't do it any justice!

The summery vibe on the street prompted even super 'secret' Maria Pasagne to reveal itself for all to see; sans doorbell and velvet rope.

Rows and rows of Aperol at the ready at Vinaiolo

candles! Candles! CANDLES! were all over this place

And this! This surprise discovery, Chez Fritz. A french brasserie which replaces the appropriately named 'Piu' (as in P.U.) a really mediocre restaurant that didn't deserve this prime spot at Preysingplatz.

The (friendly!) new owners have done a bang-up job fixing it up, with cute outdoor tables and a snazzy interior. It's not cheap (Hauptgangs €25+) but it goes on the list for a special night out. They were standing outside, encouraging us to take a look around and stay. When we commented on the name he explained that's what the French call the Germans; 'Fritz'. Sort of how the American's are called 'Charlie'. Who knew!?!

Oh Haidhausen.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Foodie Freitag: La Taqueria Milagros

Last week I found an oasis, a respite from my ongoing search for Mexican food in Munich. That Oasis is La Taqueria Milagros.

I have been to Milagros near Viktualienmarkt a couple of times (I'm guessing the owner is the same), and to be honest I wasn't really feelin' it (although I have several friends who love it.) So I kept expectations to a minimum.

One thing I appreciated before even eating anything is that they made a real effort with the design of the space. I have been composing a ranty post about what a wasteland Zweibrückenstr. is.
A prime stretch of the city cluttered mostly with establishments wholly lacking in imagination! (do we really need another discount bakery? crappy Chinese restaurant, or Döner place?)

La Milagro Taqueria has broken the cycle of boring chains with a unique, inviting and thoughtful space.

On to the food.

I didn't want to overwhelm myself, so I started with something simple: two Pork Pibil soft tacos. One with salsa, one without.

Yep, this was a proper taco, alright. Nicely flavored pork with pickled onions. I preferred it with the salsa which was fresh and tasty.  I sat, appreciating the scenery and letting the mix of flavors that remind me of my Californian roots wash down my gullet.

I can't wait to go back for another round, and I encourage you to do so too. We need to encourage these kinds of businesses by helping them thrive!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What's a cool neighborhood in Munich? With street life, dive bars and quirky/creative people?

München Schwabing - Kurfürstenplatz - Tram 27

A Wahlmünchnerin reader recently sent me this question.  Here was my 'off the top of my head' answer:
  • Maxvorstadt - Lots of students, foot traffic.
  • Parts of Isarvorstadt (Röcklplatz, Glockenbach Viertel) Although these are becoming extremely pricey and considered by many as too trendy.
  • Parts of Haidhausen (Pariserstr. or around Wörthstr.) - A pretty neighborhood which offers a lot: quick access to the airport, scenic/green streets lots of restaurants, shops and bars and a smattering of 'colorful characters' that make their way over from the nearby Ostbahnhof (keeps it 'real')
  • Schwabing especially around Münchner Freiheit. Although I'd stay away parts of Felitzstrasse. Sometimes it feels like a trashy frat party around there on the weekend.
  •  Sendling - Up and coming. still a little quiet, but some friends of ours just moved here and as we were riding our bikes over the other night, I was reminded of what a great neighborhood it is.
Which neighborhood would you recommend?

Flickr Image from digital cat

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Spaces: Sieben Machen

Awhile ago I dropped into a Knit Nite that was being held at a place I'd never heard of before: Sieben Machen. 

When I got there, I was intrigued. In Obergeising (I think Ober-Au/Geising , Untergeising  along with Westend and Sendling are the most 'up and coming' MUC neighborhoods) it's a cute little storefront shared by seven women; thus the name 'Sieben' machen.

The storefront is a combination Atlelier, gemeinschaftbüro, shop and event space. Right on! Munich needs so much more of these kinds of places.

I met Stephanie from Krambeutel when I took a BLOGST workshop last April and got to talk to her more about the space. I'd been thinking about putting on an e.m.papers Weihnachts paper workshop sometime in November and was wondering where I could host it (stay tuned.) Stephanie gave me the deets about how it works, and it sounds perfect.

Here's a list of the sieben that are machen:
Demoiselle Libellule
ansteckend anders
Pauline unterwegs
Les unterwegs

They host courses, Etsy events and a lot of other stuff, you should definitely check it out.

Photos by Beatrix Rautenberg of Demoiselle Libellule