Friday, June 28, 2013

Foodie Freitag: Burger House or OMFG You Have To Eat Here

I can die happy now. I've found a great burger in Munich. I'm astounded it took this long, since it's pretty close to where I live. In fact, I only found it by reading this post on fffood (thank god for blogs!). It's The Burger House.

Anyway, mein Mann and I walked up there several rainy Saturdays back and managed to get a space (it is ALWAYS packed, make a reservation!) The service was excellent; super friendly, yet laid back.

The menu wording and selection suggested an American influence to me (what German knows what a 'Vato' is, especially in reference to guacamole?) It turns out the owners got their burger Ausbildung by working in New York. Indeed.

Everything was just fucking delicious. Sorry, there's no other way to say it. The meat was excellent and perfectly seasoned. The (homemade!) buns were just the right size with the correct amount of resistance so as to not overpower the patty.

To add to the ecstasy, they have onion rings! real onion rings and (good!) guacamole. Run don't walk to Burger House the next time you're jonsing for a real American-style hamburger.

P.S. Good news: The word has gotten out and they're building a second one near Max Weber Platz

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Stefanie Szillat said...

I love your blogpost and now I want a burger! :)

Guess hubby will be pleased if I take him there.
Thanks for telling where to find a place to eat a good burger in munich.