Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What's a cool neighborhood in Munich? With street life, dive bars and quirky/creative people?

München Schwabing - Kurfürstenplatz - Tram 27

A Wahlmünchnerin reader recently sent me this question.  Here was my 'off the top of my head' answer:
  • Maxvorstadt - Lots of students, foot traffic.
  • Parts of Isarvorstadt (Röcklplatz, Glockenbach Viertel) Although these are becoming extremely pricey and considered by many as too trendy.
  • Parts of Haidhausen (Pariserstr. or around Wörthstr.) - A pretty neighborhood which offers a lot: quick access to the airport, scenic/green streets lots of restaurants, shops and bars and a smattering of 'colorful characters' that make their way over from the nearby Ostbahnhof (keeps it 'real')
  • Schwabing especially around Münchner Freiheit. Although I'd stay away parts of Felitzstrasse. Sometimes it feels like a trashy frat party around there on the weekend.
  •  Sendling - Up and coming. still a little quiet, but some friends of ours just moved here and as we were riding our bikes over the other night, I was reminded of what a great neighborhood it is.
Which neighborhood would you recommend?

Flickr Image from digital cat


Emily Wachelka said...

nice list - hard question, in my opinion. I would also say Haidhausen, and maybe add Westend to the list - it's a nice mix of close-to-hauptbahnhof gritty with independent and trendy places.

ereagh said...

Good point. Especially Wörthstr. during the summer, that little stretch around Bordeaux platz on a summer night is Munich at it's best.