Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Statt Auto

A lot of new car share services are popping up these days: Drive Now, Flinkster, ZebraMobil et al. I would just like to send a shout out to the o.g. car share program in MUC: Statt Auto.

We've used these trusty autos for years (with only one incident when someone didn't bring it back on time.) What I like about the service is that it's very community-based. You have to come in for a quick interview, it's non-profit and there are stations all over town. There's a station right behind our building, we probably couldn't find a better parking space if we had a car!

At any given time you may see me and my husband touring the great countryside of dieses Land in AL10, our stamm Statt Auto, a litte red Toyota Aygo or Elefanten Rollschuhe (elephant rollers kate) as my husband likes to call it; Or a knutschkugel (a makeout ball) as my
German family calls it whenever we roll into town.

We are fans of not owning things and minimizing overhead. A car falls into that category. I also have a personal rule that I won't live anywhere where I have to have a car. Obvi Munich fits the bill, but Statt Auto makes it that much easier.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

People Who Live in Glashauses...Should Rejoice!

Whenever I have an errand to run near Sendlinger Tor, I find an excuse to head over to Bottles & Glashaus, a store that sells, well, bottles and glasses. Even if you don't get excited by that kind of thing, it's still worth a look.

They've got it all; apothecary jars, corked bottles, weck jars, wine, sekt and cocktail glasses, beakers. I can spend hours in there trying to rationalize why I need ten mini-glass moonshine jugs.

I did a little home re-organization and moved all my spices out onto a shelf to save room in our  micro-kitchen. So now I have a legit reason to swing by B&G more often (oops! we need a jar for the dill!)

If you're wandering around the area it's a great place to cheaply and easily kill an hour.

Bottles & Glasshaus
It's a little hidden, follow Josephspitalstraße toward the end. 

P.S. I also just saw that they ship Europe wide and have really great rates within DE. 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Foodie Freitag: The Great Steak-Out Continues - Zum Goldenen Kalb

Time to write about steak again.

Mr. Wahlmünchnerin (Wahlmünchner?) and I were in the mood to celebrate (I can't remember why, but it doesn't take much with us) so that meant going out for a steak.

Zum Goldene Kalb had been on my list for some time. It's a very 'München' place. Checked table cloths and a healthy portion of the clientele is made up of schnösels. Side note: an über-quaffed youngish couple sat next to us and - I'm not shitting you - exchanged maybe three words during the entirety of their expensive, perfectly styled dinner.

Anyway, what can I say about zum Goldene Kalb? You can get a good steak there, If in a group, the waiters (all in rockabilly garb) wheel out your steak on a cart and slice it at the table.

Still, it didn't leave much of an impression on me. If I had to choose I'd go back to Tabak, not just for the steak but the vibe and atmosphere.

Oh, the agony of first world problems.

Zum Goldenen Kalb
Right across the Schrannenhalle by Viktualienmarkt

Friday, August 09, 2013

A Fluss Fahrt Down the Alz

After an atrocious excuse for a spring, summer came on in Bavaria with a vengeance. It's been glorious. The simple fact is, when the weather warms up, Munich really shines. After enjoying a weekend at Schliersee a Canadian friend pointed out "The infrastructure is all here, so when the weather gets good everything's ready to go"

Indeed. Some of that infrastructure is natural infrastructure. The various rivers, lakes and forests that make up Bavaria in all of it's lush bounty. We soaked some of it early in August by taking a Fluss Fahrt (river tour) in a blow up boat (just €40 at Aldi. You were right sweetie, we did put it to good use!) down the Alz.

It was news to me that there were other rivers around besides the Isar. This particular one feeds into the Inn but starts (ends?) at the Chiemsee. Not sure if I have that right, but it doesn't matter. Main thing is it's a great river to float along on, splash around in and make periodic swimming hole stops on a really, really hot day.

These industrious river-goers had a raft with a bierbank and umbrella on it, and like everyone else, were floating merrily, merrily, merrily gently down the stream (river).

Lest you forget you're in Bavaria, you'll likely pass by a pasture full of cows at some point.

If someone suggests getting a load of beers and then floating down a river somewhere, don't hesitate. Do it. It's these kinds of outings that underscore why Munich always ranks in the top ten of quality of life indices...and make you feel like you're in one of those Löwenbräu ads.

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Spaces: Glücksmaid

I've written about my friend Jassi before, she gave me this excellent birthday present where she shared her homegrown recommendations of her favorite München spots.

Over the last several months, we've bonded over the idea of each having some kind of space. A shop, a space for workshops, just somewhere to call our own and pursue our creative interests.

I surprised even myself by how excited I was when she told me late last spring that she had took the plunge and leased a space. It's called 'Glücksmaid' which (I think!) sort of means 'Happy Mädel' in Bavarian. You will be a happy Mädel if you spend any time in the gorgeous environment she's created.

The idea is to offer wellness treatments (Jassi is a masseuse) as well as a space to rent for workshops or seminars. The absolute 'killer feature' of the space is a huge terrace shaded by a ivy-covered beautiful tree.

You can hang out up there and chat, drink your tea or just bliss out after a massage.

When I get around to writing the 'Octoberfest-haters guide to Octoberfest' post that's been rattling around in my head for years, Glücksmaid will definitely be on the list. It's right off of Lindwurmstrassse (veer off at the chicken place on the way to the Festwiese.) I can imagine it will be a welcome place of respite for many a mädel who has had too much bier and bratwurst, and just want's to loosen her Dirndl and chill awhile.

This Saturday, August 3rd she's hosting a 'Tag der Offene Tür' from 9:00 - 15:00 uhr. There will be cold drinks and door prizes!

You can get more deets at the Glücksmaid Facebook Page.

Adlzreiterstr. 3 - 80337 München (In the Rückgebäude!)
089 925 86 909

Photos by Severin Schwieger