Wednesday, August 21, 2013

People Who Live in Glashauses...Should Rejoice!

Whenever I have an errand to run near Sendlinger Tor, I find an excuse to head over to Bottles & Glashaus, a store that sells, well, bottles and glasses. Even if you don't get excited by that kind of thing, it's still worth a look.

They've got it all; apothecary jars, corked bottles, weck jars, wine, sekt and cocktail glasses, beakers. I can spend hours in there trying to rationalize why I need ten mini-glass moonshine jugs.

I did a little home re-organization and moved all my spices out onto a shelf to save room in our  micro-kitchen. So now I have a legit reason to swing by B&G more often (oops! we need a jar for the dill!)

If you're wandering around the area it's a great place to cheaply and easily kill an hour.

Bottles & Glasshaus
It's a little hidden, follow Josephspitalstraße toward the end. 

P.S. I also just saw that they ship Europe wide and have really great rates within DE. 


Upasna Kakroo said...

I was at Sendlinger Tor yesterday, didn't see this. Must try out next time, looks cool though :)


Rachel Simpson said...

I had no idea this existed! It's amazing, and I'm going!

Carey said...

I have seen the window display in the Sendlinger Tor Ubahn station and have always wondered about this place! Thanks for the nudge to go and find it!