Wednesday, November 13, 2013


 I wrote for the Design*Sponge Munich guide the following about about Josefa:

Josefa is, as they say in German, “klein aber fein” (small but lovely). With only four tables and a tiny open kitchen, the selection in the handbound leather menus manages to offer an intriguing list of items. Choose from a daily soup, salad or pesto or opt for a creative cocktail. For dessert, don’t miss the homemade cakes.

I have a confession to make: at that point, I had only ridden by, I hadn't yet actually patronized the establishment. But come on, I could tell by how cute it was it had to be good...and I was right!

I met a girlfriend for lunch the other day. I had to go to Papier Stein to get supplies for my Advent Paper Workshops at Glücksmaid.

It was small, packed and super charming. The two people working the teeny open kitchen (the owners, perhaps?) were refreshingly jokey and chummy. The menu was small but appealing. I had a very tasty tomato soup, and my friend enjoyed a yummy looking vegan curry.

We ate at the little bar, and enjoyed the warm cozy buzz of the place, and watched as yummy looking post-lunch  home made cakes and coffees were being served. Sadly, I'm on a paleo kick right now, or else I would have scarfed a piece down with gusto.

If you find yourself in Westend (the Kreuzberg of Munich!) , you definitely need to check it out.

Cafe + Bar Josefa
Westendstraße 29
089 28979183

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Emily Wachelka said...

I just wanted to say that although you hadn't been, I had! So the words were true :)