Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Munich Creative Business Week 2014

Another year, another MCBW. That's Munich Creative Business Week to you. I guess these are the things cities do now; have 'weeks'.

I must confess, I'm pretty excited about the line up this year. Although I just don't have time to go to everything. I went to Toca Me last weekend, the speakers were great (big shout out to Brosmind!), but in terms of conference organization...there's room for improvement.

What really helps is a program booklet which has been left all over the city a la the city Design Guides. It's easier to use than the website (old school!) and gives a great overview of all the veranstaltungen, lectures and similar events going on.

The organizers have really ramped things up this year, which is great. My only critique is that the collateral should reflect the intended design sophistication. The medium is the message, leute. A corny logo and bad clip art on the program don't inspire confidence. There is great design talent in München; hire it for your CI!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

This Weather. WTF?

Not that I'm complaining. I don't want a winter like the one in 2013. Five months of gray. Ten hours of sunlight total in Janaury (or was it four?)

But it is weird. We're in the middle of February and hardly any rain, maybe one really weak snow that didn't even stick. I took the pic above yesterday walking along the Isar. I saw a dude playing Frisbee shirtless.  I hope this doesn't mean we spend spring and summer like we did last year.

Remember this?:

The date: JUNE 6, 2013!

Achtung Mother Nature! Loving the sun, but not if it means we get this later. Thanks.

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Kafehaus Karameel

I don't get out to Neuhausen very much, but when I do I'm always glad. I met a friend today for a long (cold) walk on the Nymphenburger Schloss grounds.

To warm up our cold bones we headed over to a cute café called Kafehaus Karameel. It's full of yummy looking cakes, a marble bar and old grama furniture (if said grama was a bit of a grand dame).

Next time you're looking for a cute place to grab some Kaffe und Kuchen in Neuhausen, you should definitely check it out.