Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tillmann Birr at Münchner Lach und Schiess Gesellschaft

German comedy.  Oxymoron.

Never the less, when a friend invited us to the  Münchner Lach + Schiess Gesselschaft comedy club, we said 'Warum nicht?' something new.

Despite becoming quite the Germano-phile, I've remained an unapologetic chauvinist on the issue of entertainment and humor: Americans are the best. Of course, my German husband doesn't hold the same view, so going to a 'comedy' club here wasn't such a hard sell.

I don't get up to Schwabing much, but when I do, I wonder why I don't.

I liked the club. It was full of people I used to consider very 'European' before I lived here. Slightly professorial garb, statement glasses, in their late 40s/early 50s and 'intellectual' looking. I can't prove it, but I feel like there are more of these types in Schawbing.

The evening's act was a fellow named Tilmann Birr. A Berliner who wrote a memoir of his time as a tour guide, titled On Se Left You See Se Siegeseule (which, I confess, is a pretty good title).

I admit, I laughed.

The Kerl was pretty good, especially his impression of Bavarian tourists. It was hard to have to concentrate so hard for a cabaret act; my German is good enough to enjoy a show, but not good enough that if I space out for one minute I can jump back in and catch up, but it was worth it.

Maybe if my German improves, so will my attitude towards German comedy. Check back in about ten years.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Tiflis - Leben in einer neuen Zeit - Exhibit at the Gasteig

I'm lucky to know a lot of talented people in town. One of those people is Lisa Fuhr; friend, Deutsch Lehrerin extraordinaire and talented photographer.

Tiflis - Leben in einer neuen Zeit is the culmination of three years of work. Lisa traveled to Tiflis, Georgia to interview and photograph everyday people and chronicle their lives after the fall of the Soviet Union.

Most westerners (self included) know little to nothing about this region and it's history. I went to the opening on Tuesday night and was fascinated by the stories of human resilience and determination.

The exhibit is at the Gasteig through April 2014, you should definitely check it out. There is also a really beautifully designed book that's part of the project, but bring cash if you want to purchase one!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Bavaria Chic

A vivid memory from my early days in Munich:

I was in a Tengleman, still getting my bearings on how to grocery shop in DE, when a young, fashion forward woman walked past me in the aisle. The most striking thing about her was how she had mixed trendy clothes with a bright red Bavarian-style cape and was putting her groceries into a wicker basket. A street style little red riding hood.

Now that wasn't something I'd seen before. Not in L.A., San Fran, London or any of the other places I'd lived in or traveled to.

It describes what I like to call 'Bavarian' or 'Alpine' chic. Adding traditional Bavarian clothing, accessories and lifestyle accents with modern or trendy pieces.

When done wrong it veers into unfortunate yodel-la-he-hoo territory, but when done right, it reveals a regional style that is truly unique and one that I have grown to love.

I hope some local street style photog starts documenting this (has someone? link in comments please!) My lack of photography skills will prevent me from ever taking it on.

The woman I snapped in the picture above was a regular, everyday Oma just getting her groceries at the farmers market. Unlike the woman I encountered in the Tengelman all those years ago, I doubt she was trying to make  any kind of fashion statement.

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Alpine Chic: Obacht

Generally I try to avoid Platzl, the very touristy square in the Altstadt, complete with Hard Rock Cafe and dazed visitors looking for the Hofbräu Haus.

 One good reason to venture in, however is Obacht. This boutique, run by Babette and Marion two Bavarian Mädels, offers a myriad of products with a modern take on Bavarian/Alpine kitsch.

There are the expected handmade products branded with antlers, cuckoo clocks and cross-stitching as well as fun frühstuck brettls, t-shirts, games and other München/Bavaraphilia.

If you're visiting, skip the nearby tacky souvenir shops and grab a more unexpected gift. If you live

here, pop in to enjoy the thoughtful modern/rustic shop design and pick up something for the house, like slippers or biergläser.