Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Happy Handmade Wedding - Ein Samstag For Brides

I'ts Mai so we've got some wedding goodness comin' atcha. Yours truly along with many other talented crafters will be at Sieben Machen this Saturday, May 17th for Happy Handmade Wedding.

I'll be there, complete with printer and laptop printing out custom e.m.papers samples and giving out coupon codes. Don't miss it!

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Vote For Mich!

Wahlmünchnerin that is, not Hubert Dorn (but nice hat!)

The blog has been short-listed for a 'Content für München' award as part of the Isarnetz Münchner Web Woche. It's an honor just to be nominated...but I play to win! So won't you take a minute and vote for yours truly?

Here's the link:

Isarnetz - Münchner webwoche 2014

You don't have to log in, or give your email or anything. Just scroll down to where it says 'Eleanor Mayrhofer' and then talks about how great I am.

If you need some nudging, I'll remind you of all the good times we've shared with some of the posts you've loved the most (or, that I think are really good):

Now go vote!