Friday, July 10, 2015

Foodie Freitag: Frische Paradies

I don't know if I would call myself a Feinschmecker, but I like food and I like to eat. When we go on vacation I'm the one who always scouts out the restaurants, and I can be fussy when they aren't good or the options are lousy.

I shop at the Viktualienmarkt at least once week, mostly for the sheer sensual pleasure of it.  I love ogling the bountiful heaps of produce, perusing the wheels of cheese and taking it all in.  I find these small everyday pleasures like this add up and make life worth living.

A couple of months some good friends of ours who live near Röcklplatz invited us over for dinner. We were served a mind blowing boar stew. Brett, the family cook explained that he got the meat at Frische Paradies. 

What's Frische Paradies?

Friends, Frische Paradies is a Feinkost that's tucked away in the Schlachthofviertel. After our friends told of us its abundant epicurean delights, I had to investigate.

I rode my bike over on a lunch break, pausing a moment to take a snap of this non-sentimental frieze on one of the nearby butchery buildings:

I then spent a full hour browsing the aisles and treating myself to lunch at the Bistro. I found everything from fine meats, all kinds of sauces, gourmet salts, New York deli pastrami (!!!), beautiful produce, exotic chocolates, you name it.

I bought a few things which completely emptied my wallet, so it's not an every day grocery place, but it's definitely going to be one of my new 'spots'.


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